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Why You Should Buy Your Wife Flowers

Men are supposed to be Mr. Fix it. I mean, tell a guy of a problem, and he will knock a few things trying to fix it. Therefore, it is not surprising that most men are buying flowers for their wives. But do you know why you should buy your wife flowers? Ask many men this question, and they may not give you an answer for it. Some just do it because it is a tradition. Others do it because they do not know another way to be romantic. So unromantic, won’t you say? Well, let’s get it right why men should be buying flowers for their wives.

They have a great scent

Smell is one of the greatest sense nature gave us. Flowers have that great scent that will keep her memory shining. She will be associating her feelings to those flowers. You can hope for a rosy intimacy as long as you keep getting her those sweetly scented flowers.

Flowers are mood-boosting powerhouses

flowers for womenMany studies have shown that flowers are one of the easiest ways to boost mood. You may have your differences at home; that will always happen. Now you have a great way to get your wife back into her good spirits. Buy her some flowers, and she will be all over. She will forget all about your past mistakes and be ready to forgive you. That is how powerful flowers can be in your relationship.

Flower statistics are in your favor

Almost 99% of women say that a man who gives flowers is very thoughtful and romantic. Another 92% of women can remember the last time they received a flower. More than 88% of women say that flowers lift their moods. And 86% of women say that flowers make them feel special. Now, what more would you want to give flowers to your wife? It points to all good things if you give your wife flowers.

Women love flowers

All women love flowers. If you do not believe this, try getting your wife a flower, and she will give that rare smile she accords you whenever she is extremely happy. Unless she is allergic to flowers, your wife will love flowers. She may tell you she does not like flowers, but deep in her heart, she loves them dearly.

The make men sexier

Of course, you heard this right. Flowers make men sexier. I know this is the least men expect to be. But flowers make you seem like the caring, lovable and attractive man. Even if it is a single flower, it will boost your appeal.

Flowers speak a secret language of love

women love flowersBack into the Victorian error, flowers were known to speak coded language. They show how much a man loves a woman. Now you do not have to tell your wife how you feel about her; get her letterbox flowers here and she will fully understand your feelings.

Flowers are one of the few unspoken ways to show love to your wife. It is time you spice up your love with something as simple as a flower.