City of Chicago: Delegate Agency Program

The City of Chicago Delegate Agency Program funds Chicago’s small business districts to aid in insuring that they are viable and attractive to consumers and the community. Each district’s commissioned Delegate Agency constructs a work plan, and an implementation process for improvements. Districts are defined by geographic boundaries and unique identities.

As the Delegate agency for the Central Lakeview area, CLMA works with local business and residential leaders to ensure the following attributes are in tact:

1. Competitiveness and Marketability
2. Attractive to Consumers
3. Relevant Workshops and Classes of the Latest Technologies Made Available to Business Owners, Employees, and Employers within the District


East: Halsted (800 W)
West: Racine (1200 W)
South: Diversey (2800 N)
North: Irving Park Rd (4000 N)