Central Lakeview Merchants at Work:

Programs & Services

Façade Incentive Program
Local merchants in need of a facelift are about to get some help from the Central Lakeview Façade Incentive Program. Central Lakeview Merchants Association, using Funding from the Special Service Area (SSA) #17, will utilize the program to help small business owners improve the physical appearance of their storefronts.

Owners and tenants with street-level commercial or industrial space within the SSA #17 boundaries may apply. Qualified merchants may be eligible for a rebate of up to $5,000 to cover certain pre-approved project costs. Applications must be completed and approved before the start of any construction. Please contact our office for an application.

Facade Incentive Program Quick Facts:

  • Any merchants within SSA #17 boundaries with street-level commercial or industrial space are eligible to apply
  • Eligible improvements include: façade renovation, storefront windows and signs, awnings, and exterior lighting
  • Before starting construction, merchants must submit completed application and a minimum of two cost estimates for approval
  • All construction must meet local zoning codes and comply with all state and federal laws
  • All aspects of the improvement must be approved by the Central Lakeview Merchants Façade Committee before construction begins

Contact us at 773.665.2100 or clma@centrallakeview.biz with any questions!

Vacant Property Matrix
In an effort to keep Central Lakeview’s business corridors productive, thriving, and vital Central Lakeview Merchants Association produces a quarterly Vacant Property Matrix. Every three months the staff surveys the streets of Central Lakeview (Diversey north to Irving Park Road, Racine east to Halsted) and comprises a listing of all commercial properties available for lease or sale. To receive our most recent Vacant Property Matrix, contact us at clma@centrallakeview.biz to have one sent to you!

Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening Ceremonies
Although usually reserved for grand openings, ribbon cuttings are also used to celebrate company achievements and benchmark anniversaries. Central Lakeview Merchants Association is happy to assist members with the planning, promoting, and attendance of your company’s ribbon cutting ceremony or grand opening! Simply contact Central Lakeview Merchants' Executive Director, Gus Isacson at 773.665.2100 or clma@centrallakeview.biz to begin scheduling your special event!

Sidewalk Cleaning Program
The Central Lakeview Merchants' street cleaning crews continue to tidy up Central Lakeview in two-member teams, four (4) days each week. The workers earn hourly wages sweeping up trash and picking up loose debris along Central Lakeview’s sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. They also remove trash from sidewalk planters and empty trash cans. Sidewalk cleaning is performed throughout the SSA #17 geographical footprint. So that the community does not mistake them for City of Chicago employees, the crew wears bright yellow/lime green vests bearing the new Central Lakeview Merchants logo….so make sure to say “Hello” when you see them out in the neighborhood!

Snow Removal Program
Now, when that pesky white stuff, scientifically known as snow, falls from the sky onto Central Lakeview, an ambitious crew of folks from Patch Landscaping & Snow Removal will be right there to shovel it away. Snow removal is performed throughout all of the sidewalks within the SSA #17 geographical footprint on occurances of 2" or more of snowfall. The crew will also distribute salt as part of the regimen. Until recently, cleaning crews only removed snow from crucial areas like fire hydrants, bus stops and major intersections.

These services are courtesy of Special Service Area #17. The Special Service Area program is a mechanism for contiguous industrial, commercial and residential areas to fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy. These enhanced services and programs are in addition to services and programs currently provided through the city. SSA-funded projects could include but are not limited to: security services, area marketing and advertising assistance, promotional activities such as parades and festivals, or any variety of small scale capital improvements which could be supported through a modest property tax levy.

Planters & Trash Cans Program
Central Lakeview Merchants currently provides 41 large sidewalk planters, and plans to increase that number in 2012. Fresh plantings are installed four (4) times throughout the growing seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Urban greenscapes such as these not only make the neighborhood look colorful, lush, and inviting, but also help fight air pollution and decrease our carbon footprint. So the next time you’re out shopping in Central Lakeview….stop and smell the flowers!

In an effort to keep Central Lakeview beautiful, clean, and safe, Central Lakeview Merchants has placed 17 decorative round commercial waste receptacles at some of the busiest intersections. They have a design inspired by elegant and decorative wrought iron of yesteryear, steel mesh detailing, and strong vertical rails that create a charming yet avant-garde effect on our neighborhood streets. And best of all, Central Lakeview Merchants has crews of street cleaners who keep them emptied and clean several times each week.