Business Directory: J.C. Licht Company / Benjamin Moore

J.C. Licht Company / Benjamin Moore

Frank Bandas & Rhonda Kollman
3234 N. Clark, Chicago, 60657

Phone: 773.868.0400 | Fax: 773.868.0473

Looking to remodel, furnish, or simply personalize your space but don’t know where to begin? Well look no further! J.C. Licht Company has merged their creative forces with Epco Paint, Wallpaper and Supplies and formed J.C. Licht/Epco Decorating to offer their clients the finest quality of interior and exterior paints, coatings, wallpapers, window fashion, and an eclectic selection of other home adornments. With over 103 years of providing excellent service, and with 38 locations in the state of Illinois, J.C. Licht has knowledge and experience to present clients with both expert advice and products that will help facilitate the initiation to decorate and transform the space which you wish to individualize. With hard work and dedication, the experts at J.C. Licht/Epco Decorating will make accessible to you fashion tips and the latest trends and innovations. Visit for more information on all store locations. Learn about all the things that J.C. Licht Company/Epco Decorating can provide to empower you with the necessary equipment that is essential to personalize your life.