Business Directory: Taboo Tabou

Taboo Tabou

Mark Thomas
854 W. Belmont, Chicago, 60657

Phone: 773.883.1400 | Fax: 773.325.0537

Over 15 years ago, Taboo Tabou was born during the condom store frenzy. Owner Mark Thomas saw the trend and doubted its longevity, but riding the wave, he opened Taboo Tabou. Today, condoms account for only a very small percentage of sales, yielding to the popularity of Taboo Tabou’s erotic toys, massage oils, sexy lingerie, and wild clothing and accessories. Taboo also specializes in high quality fetish gear made from the finest materials, like deerskin paddles, medical grade glass & silicon toys, and upscale leather corsets priced upwards of $350.00. Thomas declares “We will bring your mate home early and keep them up late.” After all, where else can a man buy a woman a gift and get just as much enjoyment out of it as she does? Taboo’s customers range from dancers, dominatrices, and sex therapists, to doctors, lawyers, and housewives. Not for the shy or modest, Taboo Tabou is meant for lovers who make and enjoy adult choices.