Elena of Wolin-Levin, Inc.

Wolin-Levin, Inc. - Randy Grimes
Randy Grimes
325 W. Huron, Suite 600, Chicago, 60654

Phone: 312.335.1950 | Fax: 312.335.1955

Our vision is to enhance the lifestyles of the residents we serve by providing leadership, sound financial management, physical maintenance and innovative solutions to problems, thereby contributing to a more satisfying quality of life in the communities we manage. Included in our portfolio are two of the three tallest residential buildings in the United States and many of the most prestigious cooperatives in Chicago. Wolin-Levin is committed to providing unmatched residential management services. Operational and strategic management functions are contracted between Wolin-Levin and either Boards of Directors or building owners. We provide a team of professionals, under the supervision of a designated Property Manager and a District Manager, to facilitate day-to-day building and administrative operations, perform long-term strategic planning functions, and engage in ongoing communication with owner representatives.

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