Claude of Kickstand Espresso Bar

Kickstand Espresso Bar
Dylan May
824 W. Belmont, Chicago, 60657

Phone: 847.422.3926

Kickstand Espresso Bar was created by the owners of Dollop & Noble Tree. We saw a need for serious coffee near the second most traveled train stop in Chicago. It all happened pretty fast; the landlord was so cool we signed a lease within forty-eight hours. Jacob Shapiro built the espresso bar out of old soda crates found in the basement of Dollop, Brian Heiser helped with the decor and feel of the space, and Homeless Cop put up artwork on the walls. We serve goodies from Chicago favorites like Metropolis Coffee, Southport Grocery & Hoosier Mamma Pie. Our staff is not only fun, smart, and helpful, they also give you a true cafe experience. We have free wifi from Webbeams, so you can stay and relax or grab a tasty beverage to go.

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