reasons why you should consider starting a travel blog

If you plan to travel or have traveled or you are traveling, chances are the thought about starting a travel blog has crossed your mind. Well, anyone can start a travel blog but creating one and maintaining it involves a lot of work. Nonetheless, starting a travel blog will help enhance your travel experience. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider starting a travel blog

 Blogging is a Creative Outlet

Traveling is one of the most inspiring activities in life and starting a travel blog is the best way to channel all the creative energy. When traveling, you have a lot of time to draw, photograph as well as write and travel blogging is a great way to get all these down.

 Earn extra money

Though travel blogging will not pay for your travels from the first day, the longer you keep at it by posting quality content regularly, the more likely you will earn some extra cash with time.

Once your page is ranked, you can also consider selling text links to advertisers or join different affiliate programs related to your blog of course.

437juy Learn from other bloggers

If you start your own travel blog, you will need to spend a lot of time online researching and reading content by other travel bloggers. While doing this, you will inevitably learn so much about traveling you probably did not know.

Gives you an opportunity to share your experience with the world

Whether you choose to start a personal or a business blog where you update your traveling experiences, a travel blog gives you an opportunity to share such moments with the entire world. Though you will not get a heap of followers immediately, you will be able to keep your family, friends and past colleagues updated.

 To help others

You may think that you do not know much about traveling but you certainly know much more than a person who has never travelled. The post on traveling will be useful to any non-travelers who is planning to travel.

To make friends and meet other bloggers

With the help of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. you will be able to meet other bloggers and followers looking for information about traveling. You will begin to share travel experiences and information and eventually develop a relationship with them

 Free travel experiences

267yhgWhile this is not a major reason for starting a travel blog, along the way you may get free things from companies who are looking to market their travel packages or products. Such companies can even pay you to promote their products.