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Questions to ask you moving company

Hidden costs

Especially to do with item insurance, make sure to ask your moving company to what perlskkdfnkdnfbkndfbdfbdfbdfcentage they are willing to cover. This is important so that you can decide whether to get additional insurance before you start the move. Make sure also to go through the contract so that you make sure that the values they are giving are okay with you. This is critical since it will allow you to plan your move and know properly what to expect in case of property damage.

Company staff

Before committing to the services of a moving company, just make sure that you ask about the staff that is going to handle your stuff. While it might not seem necessary, it is useful to know the number of people that will be available. Based on the number of stuff you will be moving with, you can then ask for more staff members to make the loading and offloading process quicker. Also once you know the number of staffers, you can either start packing earlier to save up time or leave it to them to handle the whole process.


It is important to know the kind of equipment that they have access to. This will help you determine if you need to look for other services to load cargo that requires special equipment. This will allow for the safety of such cargo and makes it possible for you to get the professional services that you require.

Payment mode

In the contemporary worldlmsldmsmdlvmsmdvlmsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvs, there are many ways to pay or get paid. It is important that you know all the available methods of payment that the company accepts. Methods such as crypto currency, PayPal, and even wire transfers, are all alternatives to the good old cash payment. Once you know which methods are accepted, it becomes easier for you to decide which method is convenient for you.